Educational Links

When you click on the links below you are leaving the Doniphan Elementary School website. Doniphan Schools can not control the content of non-district, linked websites. Parents should familiarize themselves with these resourcesand supervise their students whenever they are on the Internet.

Math Cats- Math games
Cool Math 4 Kids- math games, puzzles, flashcards
A+ Math Games- mulitplication, division, addition and subtraction
Math Journey- travel around the world by answering math problems
Number Nut- enough math to make anyone nutty
Up To Ten- the fun place to learn math
Math Magician- math challenge

Reading and English
McMillan McGraw-Hill- website for our reading curriculum
StarFall- reading activities (PreK-3)
Vocabulary Pinball- play pinball and learn to spell
Phonics Interactivities- games to learn alphabet, analogy, synonyms, antonyms (PreK-6th)
Spelling City- work on weekly spelling words
Readquarium- work on weekly reading skills and strategies
Magnetic Poetry- poems to unscramble
Reading Planet- word puzzles, poetry, English and Spanish
Weekly Reader- games and puzzles

Favorite Author Pages
Dav Pilkey- books, games, and puzzles
Seussville- Dr Seuss's Seussville, books, and games
Jerry Spinelli- children's and young adult author

Kratts Creatures- animal facts and games
Kids Planet- information and games relating to endangered animals
Earthquakes- earthquake facts and games
The Great Plant Escape- plant facts and games
Weather- weather facts and quizzes
Electricity- electricity facts and quizzes
NASA Space- the space places for games and activities
Magic School Bus- hop on the magic school bus

Geography and Social Studies
GeoSpy- fun geography games
GeoNet- social studies games
The White House Kids- explore the white house
National Geographic Kids- videos, games, activities and stories

Music and Art
Play Music- write music and listen to instruments
Musical Instrument Encyclopedia- learn about instruments
San Francisco Symphony- fun with music
The Art Zone- interactive site and art games
Art Just For Fun- explore works of art
Arts Connected- explore the tools that artists use
EduPictures- make your own coloring pages

Health and PE
Kids Health- health facts and quizzes
Kids Health Search- kids health informational searches
Nutrition Exploration- nutrition facts and games

Educational Games
Fun Brain Games- fun reading and math activities
Brain Connection- games that train the brain
PBS Kids- activities and games from PBS programming (K-3)
The School Bell- activities (K-3)
Professor Garfield- fun, engaging educational games
CyberChase- a variety of fun games
Ask For Kids- search engine for kids
Squigly's Playhouse- games, crafts, jokes and puzzles
Meddybemps- games for everyone
Fun School- fun games for students
GooBo- games and art
Orsinal- hand-eye coordination games using a mouse
Prongo- brain teasers, jokes, cards, and games
Millsberry- Millsberry gazette and games

Library Games
Library Skills- learn library skills with games, hangman and matching
Basic Dewey- matching games, word searches and concentration
Library Challenge- library questions
Books and More- book facts
Ready Reference- reference materials
ABC Authors- put authors in alphabetical order
Ordering Decimals- Dewey Decimal system of classification

Computer Circus- learn how to type
Dance Mat Typing- typing lessons
Typing Speed Test- test your typing skills